Managed Client Reports for WooCommerce

What is Managed Client Reports for WooCommerce

Managed Client Reports for WooCommerce is a WooCommerce extension that allows you to show your clients results of your work. With an assumption that you are in WordPress Maintenance business, you will want to show your client’s what has been done on their websites in order to justify costs of your services.

Along with the WooCommerce plugin and your favorite WooCoommerce extension, you will be able to build a perfect billing and reporting system for your WordPress Maintenence business.

How it Works

Managed Client Reports for WooCommerce plugin needs to be installed on a website along with the WooCommerce plugin. It integrates with WooCommerce interface and without of the WooCommerce plugin, it has no purpose.

Once the plugin is set, you need to connect your MainWP Dashboard site to it.

The plugin communicates with your Child sites using Port 80 on HTTP connections and Port 443 on HTTPS connections. It uses OpenSSL encryption if it is available, in case it’s not, you should contact your host support and ask the to enable the OpenSSL extension for you.

After setting the plugin, your clients will be able to register to your site and see reports on the My Account page. The plugin will pull data from the MainWP Child Reports plugin from your child site through your Dashboard. Each of your clients will be able to see their sites and generate reports for a custom date range to see what has been done on their sites.

Setup Requirements:

  • Plugin requires the WooCommerce plugin installed and activated on a website that is dedicated to your client reports
  • You need to have your MainWP Dashboard with connected child sites
  • You need to have the MainWP Child Reports plugin installed on your child sites

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